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The bond between a desperate momma & her boy !!

Those desperate moments !!!

Not all times are the same, not all days are good. So , are our moods. Well, not really a moody person – But Yes, there are moody days .

Those moody days are tough ones too. They are the very days babies decide to play hard. Then is the most desperate moment. I try desperate to stay calm. The anguish , is re directed.

It all ends in me feeling guilty whist my boy having witnessed the worse side of momma. Then , one fine day I stood out of it. I told myself ” Your boy deserves the best momma- EVER “. A moment of silence & I would tell myself he deserves the best momma ever. I would smile, ( sometimes fake it thou) talk calm, cuddle and kiss. His smile would do the trick.

I still keep telling myself every second your boy deserves the best momma ever 🙂


Joyful motherhood :)

How much can a blog post change your life ? I had no clue till now. A read through the above and I am totally convinced that being a good mom let’s you be a happy one.
Yeah, I was the mom who would get on my nerves when my boy refused food. There was a day, I lay him on the bed and let him go about. He did spit,spill and spread the baby food all over the bed. There was joy that day. He ate happily, seeing him happy I was witnessing the bliss of motherhood.

Children are the best teachers ever. My little boy (6+ months) , has taught me the brighter side of life. Days were there when I wanted him to eat & sleep as per schedule. I let go things his way & now life seems so beautiful.


What seemed the most toughest to handle, now seems the one I am looking forward to 🙂

Our lil sunshine :)

Been throwing up all day,
Wish out of this- I would find a way.
The backache & the heartburn,
How I wish the better way it would turn.
Insomnia , it is
A good sleep each day I miss.

Even an ounce of juice refuses stand ,
Not even the nibbles at hand !
Every now & then the dizziness
Paving path for my laziness.
Ah ! How I wish my body would understand,
I no longer can take a stand.

Things got no better with each passing day,
Every passerby had a say .,
Then started the moves & the kick,
Scarcely enjoy whist I again fall sick.
To hold my lil one I d long ,
Thats a way too long .

May 28, 2013

As a lil sunshine you came to us,
Surrounded with pampering & all the fuss !
Tiny fingers that tugged me with ceaseless demands,
So strong was our mommy – son bond.
You showed me “real insomnia”,
Those nights of tears & tug in’s .

A lil angel you indeed are.,
With you, all worries kept afar .
Your smile does the trick,
Those tiny toes on momma do kick.
The tantrums you do throw,
Sets in fears in a row.

Crazy are we ., momma & boy,
I cuddle, I shout
I love you in & out.
You brighten my everyday,
May our bond get stronger all way.

The “Cereal” war ! ! !

Let’s sing the sheep rhymes..
Baa Baa , there goes a spoonful . I start all over again.. Baa, Baaaaaaaa . Yeah , this is exactly what I want. When we say baaaa with mouth wide open I push in a spoonful of the baby cereal.

Oh yeah, mom if this is your trick, I have an even better one. Baby T with those glares. Allright, I eat for you momma, but I eat my way.


You put the spoon in, I put my thumb too. I suckle as I swallow. I spill, I spit. My clothes get dirty. My hair deserves a fair share.


And ya, I spread the cereal all over me, cause momma you said
   ” A big boy you would become,
But, this doesn’t taste YUM, ”


Pampering pursuit (s)

Baby T is a well pampered child. When I say well pampered u read it as W.E.L.L.L.L.L.L.L.L pampered.
Here is how it goes. Granny & Grand dad are super excited about Baby T’s arrival. Granny announces the to do list for Baby T.

1). If naughtiness is the word let him be.
2). The walls need a better look. Over to Baby T.
3). The house seems too orderly. Let him go about.
4). Ah ! My grocery bill is too less. Yes, they do sell chocolates in the departmental store.
5). Well, there is this new toy I just saw at a neighbor’s place.
6). If he spits up the baby food :- Mom doesn’t know to trick to make him eat.
7). If he cries, dig through the history of the tear drops.
8). Baby T smiles, the world brightens.
9). Baby T sleeps, lights out ,mute the house.
10). If he wants to be carried around, with pleasure.
11). He refuses food, the product never to be recommended.
12). A while since Baby T was spotted :- Carry him & load with kisses.
13). He pees over. Happily accept.
14). He refuses sleep. Rock till your arms are numb.
15). Baby T resembles dad when he was dis age. Admire & cherish memories .

    Baby T is desperate to be carried with grandparents around. The very voice makes him jump up asking to be carried. How well he knows people !

Fat is awesomeness :p

Going back to Time when I was pregnant. An unwritten rule in the Indian system says ” A pregnant lady eats for two. Eats everything she craves for. Eats lots, so that baby is plumpy plump” . Ain’t these rules enough to explain those extra flabs. And the more you weigh, the better. Cos it is pregnancy weight gain & no one actually bothers.
Pregnancy pampering ., India is very well known for it. All those doses of extra ghee & sugar. And the eat & sleep rule. The best of them all. I slept, slept n slept to my hearts content not knowing what it would be once the baby arrives.
   Baby T arrives on may28 2013.

Pampering continues. This is post delivery pampering. ” Eat this , & Eat that ” . There is milk, butter, ghee, non veg , what not ? This pampering is even better. Cos you get food , good food literally on bed. The baby needs all nutrition through you, they say.
With such tempting delicacy around would one resist temptation. I would have a mouthful every now & then.
Been a while at home. Time to get some fresh air. Putting over my Kurta with a lot of struggle. Doesnt budge a bit. ” What the hell? ” I tell myself. Looking closely I find newly grown flesh. Oh yeah, you got it right I became fat. Really really fat. Oh, you pumpkin lady, none of your clothes fit you.

Closet closed. I go back to the table & have a fair share of the tempting Milk sweets on the table.
Well, yeah there is a little boy for whom I eat for. So what if I have the extra flabs, putting it straight What if I am fat ? ” Fat is beautiful. Really beautiful. Cause it is awesomeness. Yeah , awesomeness. I gave to this world a little angel . This is post delivery time. Time to bond with the baby,and enjoy the pampering. Not  really the time to worry about something that doesn’t matter at all .

1st tym “Mommy- “Madness”

Baby T entered the world holding in hand all challenges for mommy. A tiny lil bundle weighing just 2.5 kg , as delicate as ever. Those soft coos, silent cries ( Ah, how would I forget them). Each day there was something new to discover or yet another challenge to face. Being a first time mom , I was in full swing.
If there was something in that I was in complete love with , it was my bed. Baby T decided I had enough rest till then. He was such a delicate darling who unlike other babies would never sleep. “Keep rocking mommy” , his eyes would look at me all Time. Those tiny eyes would close shut, whist I let out a sigh of relief..Yaaay, I m gonna get some sleep finally. Careful not to disturb his sleep I put him on the bed, and there he is… Eyes wide open. Ah! How much I hated that.
Having taken him in my arms, I keep rocking . This time I know what his plans are. First time mommy, ain’t I ? No way out. I rock, rock , n keep rocking till my arms are numb. By then Baby T decides it would be good to get some rest.
There I lay next to him trying to catch some sleep. I enter dreamland when a squeal approaches my ears. I wake up with a start to find Baby T all awake. Feeding time. Well, feeding my boy was the thing that took me ages to do the right way. I would sit up straight n let him latch on, whist my eyes would shut all by themselves. Bang, I would go. Oh my god., my head dropped in sleep. N I was holding this lil boy & sleeping. I would struggle to stay awake.
Remember Baby T is still awake. Hold him in my arms, rock rock n keep rocking to find him suckle his thumb & give me a glare. “Hey baby, catch some sleep. Won’t ya?’

Having no more control over my sleep, I put him on the bed all tucked letting him catch some sleep when he s tired. Having looked around for sometime, his eyes remain half closed. A situation where I wudnt know if I should let him by himself, or rock him to sleep. My inner self would tempt me to just fall asleep and let him by himself. I give in. I decide to catch some sleep & let him be. Having carefully looked all over the not so bright room, he decided to give “sleeping” a try.
Those few minutes of sleep. “Bliss” would be the appropriate word to describe it.
After a not so sleepy night, it s dawn. I open my eyes to see the first beam of sunlight creep in , there is Baby T , holding tight his sheets & sleeping like he is the darling little angel who is tired of keeping mom awake all night.

Task accomplished. Mommy had her fair share of sleep till then, .
Enuf mommy, he decides. Ah, the sweet lil angel.

Pregnancy tantrums :)

Toddler tantrums are well being heard of … Pregnancy tantrums., oh yeah I did throw a lot of them. I d wake up hungry at 4 am, & nibble a few biscuits whist my husband would cover himself even tighter to avoid the sounds of the biscuit wrapper being crumbled . Not being prepared for the forth coming days, each day gave me a toss.
I would happily sit with a pack of nuts or some fruits to find myself throw up even before I completed the nuts. This was when the pregnancy tantrum set in .
Lazziness took in, & I d sleep all day. Poor husband would leave early to ofc happily munching the store bought bread. I d wake up late n make myself some curd rice & pickle. I d throw up everything I ate & the hubby darling would buy dinner from outside. Things got to the peak, n I realized this was not good. Pampering was the need of the hour , n my guy was very bad at it. With each passing day I got thinner & weaker.
Even an ounce of juice was not being accepted by my system. I d throw up. Well, it seemed like I was on an.empty stomach all day long. Having thought over I decided to give the poor guy some rest. His Pocket was getting thinner ( remember we are having dinner each day from outside) ., & his mind heavier. Having taken the next flight I landed home . Pampering awaited. So did those extra ounces of flesh that grew out of no where. Ah., those months of pregnancy.. Each day had a surprise in store for me. Heart burns, back ache, nausea, insomnia. Pregnancy was getting hard on me. A whole week of sleepless nights, A whole 9 months of nausea & vomiting..Harder wer the times when I traveled with the backache. Baby T dint enjoy traveling much. He would swirl all over , letting me know how much he hated the jerks & the road bumps.
At last a whole 9 months flew, introducing to the world baby T’s arrival on may 28, 2013. Then , came the end of the journey of the “pregnancy tantrums” .

A “desperate” myself !

Well., the blog title that reads “A desperate momma”.. Not a new term I guess. Well., all mothers are desperate , should I mention first time ones.. Here are a few reasons I call myself the desperate momma.
1. Like everyother mother who loves her baby so do I. Doesn’t this explain itself.
2. I over think. Rather over react. If he doesn’t sleep, I get worried. If he sleeps too long I get worried. If it rains I get worried he might catch a cold, if it s noisy I worry he d get up from sleep. I assume a lot. Well, all mothers do. The best ever reason I d say to call myself the desperate mommy.
3. Being a desperate mommy is being more watchful all time. Right from birth, till date a small spot or scar, a little something noticeable , there I ring my doctor mad.
4.With responsibility comes fear. Ah, I check on him every now & then to justify the term of being a desperately lovable mom.
5. Ah ! I must mention this. The Indian system of comparison…Drives me bananas..! Rather gives way to being even desperate. Like I said every other baby born in town has done this or that. Why has your child not yet achieved the milestone ?
“How I wish I could kick them right out, right then”.
Ain’t these reasons enough to justify calling myself the desperate mommy.
Zzzzzz… I m desperately in need of some sleep now. As a mommy my fantasies are all about catching some sleep while my lil boy gets his tired self some rest..

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