‘No, i can do it myself”

‘Pls stop bothering me. I need my space”.

The independent girl – becomes the dependent wife. After having been independent for all the years she is, but forced by the society to take the lower hand only because she is married. Marriage is so much a symbiotic relationship, which later turns to balance low on her side. The society that sees her individuality before marriage, sees her as a deceased wing that no longer can fly on its own. The wing needs an aid all its life.

Yes, even before she could ask for it. Dreams are no longer hers, choices are no longer hers. While marriage does no injustice to him, it treats her with sheer brutality. Being flung inside the doors of the kitchen, she sees no doors of exit. There’s no time for her passion, but the needs of the family. Every Tom & Dick has to be attended to. Every Harry & Hen has to be tended to.

When the society sees him as a higher being, who can while away the entire day drawing attention for all his needs-She looks around for the next word while she sits up for a while. Son in laws become sons, while daughter in laws will remain daughter in laws.

He is seen with such respect, while she is still not their own. It is fair for him to take care of his parents till eternity, and it is also fair on her to take care of his parents till eternity. She is given the “good”tag once she lets go the reins of her family and consider his as her own. Cutting the long story short is going to make no difference in the society that is still cutting off her wings . Give her some space, let her fly.

Offering to help before she asks for , is cutting her wings off. Don’t let her be yet another deceased wing !!