So what do you do in your free time ? Someone asked me.
You really think I have the time to myself.  Well not really.  Being a full time mom demands so much , so much that you tend to initially underestimate yourself.  And that is the greatest mistake you make. 
By letting the world know ur weaker side you are asking to be scorned at or looked down for every little speck of dust at home.
Never ever confess that you found the day a little better cos that is when the household tend to pull you down with “What do you do all day long; cant you clear the mess” ..

Men, Well all men for that matter look up to their mothers and quote their upbringing. But they dont realise the bitter truth that they grew in a neighbourhood that did not demand so much pampering or protection.  Babies are messy , all babies have messy homes and mothers clean and clear. Yet again babies mess around . What men dont understand is that a stay at home mom has other work to complete rather than keep cleaning & clearing.

A hot cup of coffee seems a dream come true. A dinner out with a yell about the baby chewing his shirt. Beds not made, dishes not done, clothes not folded …. Grow up man.
Stop complaining and start growing. 
Get to the real world.
We slog 24*7.
Babies slog too – to get the home even messier.
From dawn to dusk the house gets its needful. But we aint machines.  Just accept it and learn to live with the stratergy “Happy babies have messy homes….