Allright., I know there are many many signs that tell you a first time mom. Some signs I found valid enough

1) The smell of fresh poop/pee : 
           Ah ! There again you have been peed upon. The very first sign of a new momma.  Damn tired to even bother. The smell of poo or pee lingers around so much , at one point u feel it no different.  !

2) Thats the spot, Yeah that one :
          Ever had anyone point you the yellow stain the poop left behind.? There are always those yellow patterns letting you decide between keeping them or getting a change over.

3) The sleep fantacies :
         A thing that every mom silently dreams of. Rather Fantasised.  Even an extra minute of sleep, seems bliss.  Those few “extra” minutes your baby decides to give you is really the other side of heaven. 

4) Black patches speak :
           Look close,  even closer… Found them ? Yeah, those blackies under the eye. They are compliments of the night fairy for having guarded town all night with not a wink or a moment of diversion. 

5) Sizes matter :
         Ever glared. ; Let me put it better… Rather, stared at the mirror version of you… The clothes squeezing its way out.? Ah., they call it the post baby weight ( How I wish it really dint exist? ) Sadly., it does & nothing could be done except for workouts or maybe you could fantasise you are 3 sizes smaller.  ( Like I do :p )

6) A regret deep within :
        After days of no sleep & bones tiring you wished that someone had told you what it was to be a mom. Maybe you would not have been in a hurry,… ( Dont tell me you never had the slightest thought or rather never missed being single !!! )

7) Temper tantrums :
          The baby has been keeping you awake all night and a fist of anger plays in, when sleep plays out. Ah., those days you wonder,  when you had no reason to wake early or get pooed or pissed over. Wish those days could be brought back over again..,

8) Selflessness :
         What had still then been a “me” attitude,  takes a diversion to “for the baby”. Everything you buy , or pick at a store is for the baby. Your shopping list loses weight while the baby’s adds over.

9) Hyper excitability : 
        This is such an insane attitude.  Rather the night fairy’s blessings to mom$ I guess. The baby is quiet and tired,  sleeping sound. You wake all of a sudden ( many a times, every hourly or so) just to check if the baby is sleeping fine.

10) Photo * Mania (c) :
            Allright momma, everyone knows your baby is such a darling.  And plays cutie cute . Why are you so obsessed in clicking a million pictures a day ? Is a picture a day not enough to speak memories ?

11) The invisible play :
           Wishing you could go invisible for atleast a few hours to catch back some sleep. Just to be a part of the outside world with literally nothing in mind. Just you & your happy self.

12) Status update :
          Oh yeah., I have my tired self longing for some sleep.  Yet how could I catch some sleep till I let d world know what I am going thru or rather showcase the million pics I click my baby each day.
         You better like it huh !!! And, dont forget to add comments like “What an angel”., “Oh my, what a cutie pie ” .. ” The next model for the baby product ad” … !!!
   Psssst….. let me tell you a secret . ( You like my pic, I will like yours too )

Going crazy, going insane, going nuts, insomniac. ?.. Say wat so ever. A little smile and that makes all worth it. Watching your baby grow each day is sure a blessing 🙂