Enough mom, I am done. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp !
Babies & food validate the rivalry reason so well. As tiny as he is Baby T knows meal time & prepares war earlier. The tricks & techniques have been well mastered and done perfect. 
1) “Tear” it out :- you can read it either way. TEAR it out or TARE it out. The strongest and the most effective weapon of all times.
2) Look for help :- There sure is someone around who can get me out of this., Aint it ? Baby T looks around. Spotted !! TEAR it out. Rescued.
3) Cough it out :- The blackmail technique.  The spoon goes in, I cough cough & cough.   You got to stop mom , for the fear of me choking.
4) The Cereal Facepack :- Come on mom, its for free. Yeah, a free cereal facepack.  Doesn’t it sound burrrrrrrrrp.( Sorry.,) Yummmmmm.
5) The neckband :- Tiny drops find journey from his mouth to the neck forming a perfect layer on the neck . Thus a neckband. (A lot messy thou)
6) Spillproof(d) :- I don’t spill my food mom. I gargle it out. Glug glug glug., It’s all done.

A little something that makes me laugh. My boy is growing. ! And yeah., the food thing is making him discover – Well, yeah discover new tricks & techniques each day !! #HAPPYMOMMA#