Been throwing up all day,
Wish out of this- I would find a way.
The backache & the heartburn,
How I wish the better way it would turn.
Insomnia , it is
A good sleep each day I miss.

Even an ounce of juice refuses stand ,
Not even the nibbles at hand !
Every now & then the dizziness
Paving path for my laziness.
Ah ! How I wish my body would understand,
I no longer can take a stand.

Things got no better with each passing day,
Every passerby had a say .,
Then started the moves & the kick,
Scarcely enjoy whist I again fall sick.
To hold my lil one I d long ,
Thats a way too long .

May 28, 2013

As a lil sunshine you came to us,
Surrounded with pampering & all the fuss !
Tiny fingers that tugged me with ceaseless demands,
So strong was our mommy – son bond.
You showed me “real insomnia”,
Those nights of tears & tug in’s .

A lil angel you indeed are.,
With you, all worries kept afar .
Your smile does the trick,
Those tiny toes on momma do kick.
The tantrums you do throw,
Sets in fears in a row.

Crazy are we ., momma & boy,
I cuddle, I shout
I love you in & out.
You brighten my everyday,
May our bond get stronger all way.