Baby T is a well pampered child. When I say well pampered u read it as W.E.L.L.L.L.L.L.L.L pampered.
Here is how it goes. Granny & Grand dad are super excited about Baby T’s arrival. Granny announces the to do list for Baby T.

1). If naughtiness is the word let him be.
2). The walls need a better look. Over to Baby T.
3). The house seems too orderly. Let him go about.
4). Ah ! My grocery bill is too less. Yes, they do sell chocolates in the departmental store.
5). Well, there is this new toy I just saw at a neighbor’s place.
6). If he spits up the baby food :- Mom doesn’t know to trick to make him eat.
7). If he cries, dig through the history of the tear drops.
8). Baby T smiles, the world brightens.
9). Baby T sleeps, lights out ,mute the house.
10). If he wants to be carried around, with pleasure.
11). He refuses food, the product never to be recommended.
12). A while since Baby T was spotted :- Carry him & load with kisses.
13). He pees over. Happily accept.
14). He refuses sleep. Rock till your arms are numb.
15). Baby T resembles dad when he was dis age. Admire & cherish memories .

    Baby T is desperate to be carried with grandparents around. The very voice makes him jump up asking to be carried. How well he knows people !