Going back to Time when I was pregnant. An unwritten rule in the Indian system says ” A pregnant lady eats for two. Eats everything she craves for. Eats lots, so that baby is plumpy plump” . Ain’t these rules enough to explain those extra flabs. And the more you weigh, the better. Cos it is pregnancy weight gain & no one actually bothers.
Pregnancy pampering ., India is very well known for it. All those doses of extra ghee & sugar. And the eat & sleep rule. The best of them all. I slept, slept n slept to my hearts content not knowing what it would be once the baby arrives.
   Baby T arrives on may28 2013.

Pampering continues. This is post delivery pampering. ” Eat this , & Eat that ” . There is milk, butter, ghee, non veg , what not ? This pampering is even better. Cos you get food , good food literally on bed. The baby needs all nutrition through you, they say.
With such tempting delicacy around would one resist temptation. I would have a mouthful every now & then.
Been a while at home. Time to get some fresh air. Putting over my Kurta with a lot of struggle. Doesnt budge a bit. ” What the hell? ” I tell myself. Looking closely I find newly grown flesh. Oh yeah, you got it right I became fat. Really really fat. Oh, you pumpkin lady, none of your clothes fit you.

Closet closed. I go back to the table & have a fair share of the tempting Milk sweets on the table.
Well, yeah there is a little boy for whom I eat for. So what if I have the extra flabs, putting it straight What if I am fat ? ” Fat is beautiful. Really beautiful. Cause it is awesomeness. Yeah , awesomeness. I gave to this world a little angel . This is post delivery time. Time to bond with the baby,and enjoy the pampering. Not  really the time to worry about something that doesn’t matter at all .