Baby T entered the world holding in hand all challenges for mommy. A tiny lil bundle weighing just 2.5 kg , as delicate as ever. Those soft coos, silent cries ( Ah, how would I forget them). Each day there was something new to discover or yet another challenge to face. Being a first time mom , I was in full swing.
If there was something in that I was in complete love with , it was my bed. Baby T decided I had enough rest till then. He was such a delicate darling who unlike other babies would never sleep. “Keep rocking mommy” , his eyes would look at me all Time. Those tiny eyes would close shut, whist I let out a sigh of relief..Yaaay, I m gonna get some sleep finally. Careful not to disturb his sleep I put him on the bed, and there he is… Eyes wide open. Ah! How much I hated that.
Having taken him in my arms, I keep rocking . This time I know what his plans are. First time mommy, ain’t I ? No way out. I rock, rock , n keep rocking till my arms are numb. By then Baby T decides it would be good to get some rest.
There I lay next to him trying to catch some sleep. I enter dreamland when a squeal approaches my ears. I wake up with a start to find Baby T all awake. Feeding time. Well, feeding my boy was the thing that took me ages to do the right way. I would sit up straight n let him latch on, whist my eyes would shut all by themselves. Bang, I would go. Oh my god., my head dropped in sleep. N I was holding this lil boy & sleeping. I would struggle to stay awake.
Remember Baby T is still awake. Hold him in my arms, rock rock n keep rocking to find him suckle his thumb & give me a glare. “Hey baby, catch some sleep. Won’t ya?’

Having no more control over my sleep, I put him on the bed all tucked letting him catch some sleep when he s tired. Having looked around for sometime, his eyes remain half closed. A situation where I wudnt know if I should let him by himself, or rock him to sleep. My inner self would tempt me to just fall asleep and let him by himself. I give in. I decide to catch some sleep & let him be. Having carefully looked all over the not so bright room, he decided to give “sleeping” a try.
Those few minutes of sleep. “Bliss” would be the appropriate word to describe it.
After a not so sleepy night, it s dawn. I open my eyes to see the first beam of sunlight creep in , there is Baby T , holding tight his sheets & sleeping like he is the darling little angel who is tired of keeping mom awake all night.

Task accomplished. Mommy had her fair share of sleep till then, .
Enuf mommy, he decides. Ah, the sweet lil angel.