Toddler tantrums are well being heard of … Pregnancy tantrums., oh yeah I did throw a lot of them. I d wake up hungry at 4 am, & nibble a few biscuits whist my husband would cover himself even tighter to avoid the sounds of the biscuit wrapper being crumbled . Not being prepared for the forth coming days, each day gave me a toss.
I would happily sit with a pack of nuts or some fruits to find myself throw up even before I completed the nuts. This was when the pregnancy tantrum set in .
Lazziness took in, & I d sleep all day. Poor husband would leave early to ofc happily munching the store bought bread. I d wake up late n make myself some curd rice & pickle. I d throw up everything I ate & the hubby darling would buy dinner from outside. Things got to the peak, n I realized this was not good. Pampering was the need of the hour , n my guy was very bad at it. With each passing day I got thinner & weaker.
Even an ounce of juice was not being accepted by my system. I d throw up. Well, it seemed like I was on an.empty stomach all day long. Having thought over I decided to give the poor guy some rest. His Pocket was getting thinner ( remember we are having dinner each day from outside) ., & his mind heavier. Having taken the next flight I landed home . Pampering awaited. So did those extra ounces of flesh that grew out of no where. Ah., those months of pregnancy.. Each day had a surprise in store for me. Heart burns, back ache, nausea, insomnia. Pregnancy was getting hard on me. A whole week of sleepless nights, A whole 9 months of nausea & vomiting..Harder wer the times when I traveled with the backache. Baby T dint enjoy traveling much. He would swirl all over , letting me know how much he hated the jerks & the road bumps.
At last a whole 9 months flew, introducing to the world baby T’s arrival on may 28, 2013. Then , came the end of the journey of the “pregnancy tantrums” .