Well., the blog title that reads “A desperate momma”.. Not a new term I guess. Well., all mothers are desperate , should I mention first time ones.. Here are a few reasons I call myself the desperate momma.
1. Like everyother mother who loves her baby so do I. Doesn’t this explain itself.
2. I over think. Rather over react. If he doesn’t sleep, I get worried. If he sleeps too long I get worried. If it rains I get worried he might catch a cold, if it s noisy I worry he d get up from sleep. I assume a lot. Well, all mothers do. The best ever reason I d say to call myself the desperate mommy.
3. Being a desperate mommy is being more watchful all time. Right from birth, till date a small spot or scar, a little something noticeable , there I ring my doctor mad.
4.With responsibility comes fear. Ah, I check on him every now & then to justify the term of being a desperately lovable mom.
5. Ah ! I must mention this. The Indian system of comparison…Drives me bananas..! Rather gives way to being even desperate. Like I said every other baby born in town has done this or that. Why has your child not yet achieved the milestone ?
“How I wish I could kick them right out, right then”.
Ain’t these reasons enough to justify calling myself the desperate mommy.
Zzzzzz… I m desperately in need of some sleep now. As a mommy my fantasies are all about catching some sleep while my lil boy gets his tired self some rest..